The complete catalog of my writings is accessible through Google Scholar and organized by date of publication. Please follow this link to explore it.

My book contributions are here below. 


Book – “Private Banking and Wealth Management ….2030” 
Bühring, J. H. (2021). Private Banking and Wealth Management Futures 2030: Greater China Perspectives. Springer Nature.

Book Chapter – “System Driven Design Industry…” 
Buehring, J., & de Mozota, B. B. (2022). System Driven Design Industry: The Challenge Towards a Collective Vision for All Stakeholders in Design. In Congress of the International Association of Societies of Design Research (pp. 98-110). Springer, Singapore..

Book Chapter – “Innovation with Foresight…” 
Bühring, J. (2022). Innovation with Foresight: Anticipating Alternative and Creative Responses in Strategic Organizational Decision-making. In Transformation Dynamics in FinTech: An Open Innovation Ecosystem Outlook (pp. 93-125).

Book Chapter – “Value of innovation ….”
Bühring, J. H. (2017). Value innovation in the “new” age of experiential consumption: The millennial force. In Culture, Innovation and the Economy (pp. 75-78). Routledge.

Public Lectures

Digital Transformation and the Emergence of Dynamic Business Models
Bühring, J. (2022, June 29). Digital transformation and the emergence of dynamic business models [Video file]. In The Business & Management Collection, Henry Stewart Talks. Retrieved September 8, 2022, from https://hstalks.com/bm/4991/.

This public lecture titled “Digital Transformation and the Emergence of Dynamic Business Models” explores the interplay between digital transformation (DT) and life-centric business model futures. How does DT trigger the emergence of business models, how do those business models depart from the more traditional ways of creating, capturing and delivering values? How do customers and consumers perceptions and expectations change with DT? Examples from a specific sector, industry or region are introduced in support of dynamic business model futures.