My work is focused on three areas that allow me to contribute to, work with, and learn from a diverse group of leaders and thinkers: Tailored Collaborations, Professional Development, and Thought Leadership. 

Tailored Collaborations

These projects include direct collaboration with industry leadership (c-suite teams and boards of directors) and joint venture alliances (academia and industry). In both cases, the work is rooted deeply in research with the intention of applying Design Thinking, Strategic Foresight, and Futures Innovation to help illuminate pathways forward.

Professional Development

My work in this realm includes organizing and instructing masterclasses, and writing and presenting keynote presentations and lectures. Each instance is customized for the particular opportunity, with specific directives and outcomes in mind. 

Thought Leadership

My time within higher education has taught me the value and importance of publishing. I have written about a range of themes within Design Thinking and Strategic Foresight. Some of this work is my own, and some has been written in conjunction with a wonderful group of colleagues.