The discipline of anticipation and preparation.

The fusion of design thinking and futures thinking.

The scenario planning and sense making required to adapt and succeed.

Dr. Jörn Bühring


My journey with foresight began decades ago, and has introduced me to a wonderful range of colleagues, companies, countries, continents, and cultures. Experiences across technology solutions and hospitality to higher education and c-suite consulting have shaped the way I view the world—and the way that I perceive and value relationships. Ultimately, it is relationships—between people, organizations, governments—that form the foundation of the global human experience.

Foresight is my passion and field of expertise. It combines broad and complex frameworks such as design thinking and scenario planning to provide forward-looking perspectives of possible future states. Foresight illuminates and defines the activities and thinking an organization can put into place that give it the best chance of successfully adapting to multiple future possibilities. In other words, foresight is the thoughtful path forward.

My focus is working with international organizations that are preparing for a variable set of eventualities; leadership teams who understand that while the future might not be predictable, it can be plannable and sustainable. My services include masterclass programs, lectures and presentations, and custom consulting services.

Currently, much of my time is spent in Hong Kong, where I am an Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design. I also work and travel frequently in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and the United States. During the last few years, of course, the challenges of travel and in-person meetings have required me to work remotely, as well.