Lectures & Keynote Presentations

2023 Tsinghua University, Dept. of Information Art and Design – Keynote, Beijing, China (in-person)
“Strategic Foresight Capability Building – Creative Approaches to Sustainability Transitions and Growth”, 11 May, 2023

2023 PolyU Design, SD Plus Networking Symposium – Guest Speaker, Hong Kong
“Business x Design” – the evolving role of strategic leadership at the nexus of growth and sustainability, 5 May, 2023

2023 Politecnico Milano, Guest Lecture – School of Design, Milan, Italy
“Design foresightful and sustainable futures in an uncertain world” – 10 March, 2023

2023 ICOM – Keynote – The 5th International Conference on Organization and Management, Abu Dhabi, UAE
“Strategic Foresight Capability Building – Creative Approaches to Sustainability Transitions and Growth” – 23 February, 2023 (in-person)

2022 Royal College of Art – Service Design Guest Lecture, London, UK
“Developing Design Foresight, futures thinking, and strategic decision-making in a VUCA world” – 25 October, 2022

2022 Abu Dhabi University – Public Lecture, College of Business
Abu Dhabi, UAE
“Developing organisational capacity to anticipate and prepare for extreme uncertainty” – 20 October, 2022

2022 Arup Foresight – (Sharing Session), Arup CHQ
London, UK
“Urban Futures – Innovative Products and Services concepts 2025/30” – 28 September, 2022

2022 Design and Foresight Symposium – Building a Network and Collaboration Hub (Keynote), Aalborg University
Copenhagen, Denmark
“Design foresight and futures thinking – a triple-helix collaboration approach in times of extreme uncertainty” – 30 August, 2022

2022 Foresight and Futuring in Design Research – Ph.D. Seminar (Keynote), Aalborg University
Copenhagen, Denmark
“Design foresight and futures thinking research – applications, demonstrations, prototypes in the strategic decision making context” (toward sustainable futures) – 29 August, 2022

2022 Global Business Innovation ECP – Conversation Series (Keynote), RMIT University
Melbourne, Australia
“Sharing insights from Design Foresight and Futures Thinking research, applications, and demonstrations in the strategic decision-making context” (academic, professional, and global perspectives) – 4 August, 2022

2022 The Asian Development Bank – Futures Club (Keynote)
Manila, Philippines
“The Design, Strategy, and Foresight nexus: Synergies and Emergence in support of Creativity and Imagination in Strategic Decision Making” – May, 2022

2022 ABD and UNESCO meeting with Chairs in Futures Literacy
Manila, Philippines
“Design Foresight and Life-centric futures thinking approaches: The Hong Kong, Greater China Perspective” – Spring, 2022

2021 Aalborg University SSD Talks #26
Copenhagen, Denmark
“Service Design in the Era of Digital Transformation: A Design Foresight Perspective 2025”

2020 Int’l Forum for Digital Creative Design
Guangzhou, China
“New Forms of Business Value Creation: Strategic Design in a World of Digital Hyperconnectivity”

2020 International Conference on Design Futures
Beijing, China
Service Design MasterClass
“Foresight and Design – Life-centric Futures Thinking and Scenario Building Perspectives in Corporate Incumbent Settings”

2020 7th International Conference on Frontiers of Industrial Engineering
Singapore, MasterClass -Strategic Innovation & Design Foresight
“Foresight and Design as a New Paradigm in Dealing with Complexity in this Hyperconnected World”

2020 PolyU Design
PhD Student Online Seminar“Design Foresight: Imagination and Worldbuilding”

2020 7th International Conference on Frontiers of Industrial Engineering
SingaporeCommittee – Publicity Chair

2019 2nd World Eco-Design Conference (WEDC)
Guangzhou, China
“Sustainable Development Innovation Design and Internet Ecosystems”

2019 Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University
Conghua, China
Design Futures Guest Lecture

2018 ARUP East Asia, Design & Innovation Re-Exploration, Building Sustainability Forum
Hong Kong
Keynote Speaker

2018 RMIT Global Business Innovation Series 2018 – FinTech 3000 – Beyond 2050
Keynote Speaker, Panel Speaker

2018 RMIT – Beyond Evolution: Thriving in Business, Knowledge and Innovation Ecosystems
Keynote Speaker, Panel Speaker

2018 University of Houston (USA)
“Design with Foresight”

2018 Airbus China Innovation Centre (ACIC)
Shenzhen, China
“Dream Big Wining Team”  

2018 University of Houston (USA)
“Foresight by Design”

2018 Carnegie Mellon University School of Design (USA)
“Foresight by Design”

2017 University of St. Gallen 
“Uncertainty at the front end of Innovation: Introducing Design Foresight” 

2016 University of Wollongong
Dubai (UAE)
“Why Design in Business Matters”

2015 University of Reading (UK)
“Experience Design Innovation: The Experience Economy Perspective”