A Design Foresight Masterclass project focused on developing a deeper understanding of the forward-looking perspectives relevant to organization, industry, market, and consumer that may impact the futures of Public Transportation Stations and Interchanges in Greater China to the year 2030.


Horizon Scanning: During the horizon scanning process the class split into 3 groups to identify opportunities within three main areas as well as the key values that make up future station interchange.

System Domain Map and Space Domain Map

Consumer Lens: Close your eyes and imaging a typical day in 2030. How your life will be different? What role will travel and transportation play?

System Lens: Behind the scenes, how does the entire system work together to create a new experience?


Storyboard and Video

Project Insights and Outcomes

From the consumer perspective, travel will become a smooth and easy experience. We may not be able to transfer ourselves to another place in seconds, but frictions along the way will be removed. Stations will not only be the key to a seamless, minimal-transition travel experience but also become destinations themselves. With unique cultural, commercial, and business propositions, each station will invite efficiency-sensitive travelers and community members to enjoy and explore the station experience. The new station will be enabled by a friction-free system behind the scenes, integrating the transportation, connecting commercial and governmental organizations at the data level, and optimizing demand-supply matching. Significantly increased road capacity will push train stations further away from each other creating an advantage for public transportation optimized for longer-distance, inter-city trips.